Learn To Build A MIDI Controller Without Getting Overwhelmed...EVEN If
You Don't Know Circuitry

11 Core Modules - Over 35 Lessons!

Why Build A MIDI Controller?

Finally Be Able To Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

Being able to have an idea, sketch it out, and construct your own MIDI instrument is a super power that many digital musicians wish they had. Anyone with a bit of patience can gain this skill. This course will take your from no knowledge to MIDI controller maestro! 

Save Hundreds (If Not Thousands) Of Dollars Compared To Ordering A Custom Controller

To pay a pro, you're looking at some high expenses. With a bit of practice, you can gain the skills you need to design your own MIDI controller and build it.

Learn Valuable Skills Along The Way

Knowing how MIDI signals work and being able to construct any MIDI controller you desire introduces you to entirely new side of music - the technical side. Learning the technical side of music will open up a whole new world of creative possibilities for you.

Make Side Income Selling Your Finished Controllers & Services

There's a lot of demand for custom MIDI controllers, especially with DJs and live performers. Selling your creations or services is a great way to build a second income stream as a musician. No need to be a starving artist!

Reasons You'll LOVE This Course

11 Action-Packed Modules Taught In A Way So Any Beginner Can Follow Along
Starting From The Basics

The first part of the course goes over the complete basics of circuitry and programming. By the end of the course, you'll learn more advanced topics. 

Circuitry Made Simple With Arduino

The Arduino Uno will make circuitry much easier for you without limiting your possibilities.

Copy & Paste Code

If you have no desire to learn programming, simply copy and paste the example code.

Complete Explanation Of Code

Say goodbye to confusing code snippets with no explanation! Every line of code is gone over in detail.

Downloadable HD Images & Schematics

Download HD images and schematics from the course, view them on your computer, tablet, smart phone, or simply print them out.

Learn How To Utilize Many Different Components

Learn how to use knobs, faders, buttons, LCD screens, and many other components in your MIDI projects.

What's Included:

LIFETIME Access To The DIY MIDI Controller Course

Even if there is a price increase or we switch to a monthly payment option in the future, you will forever have access to this course.

Sample Code & Exclusive Libraries

Get access to all of the project code used in the course. The code is 100% open source so you can use it in both personal and commercial projects alike. We also supply custom -built libraries to make programming certain components much easier.

Downloadable HD Images & Schematics

You’ll get images and schematics for each project. With these, you can easily print them off at full resolution if you desire.

An Overview Of Our Course Curriculum

Module 1 A Brief Intro To Arduino
Unit 1 Why Arduino?
Unit 2 Setting Up The Arduino With Your Computer
Unit 3 How Arduino Programming Works
Module 2 Where To Buy Parts
Unit 1 The Parts Needed In This Course
Unit 2 Finding The Cheapest Electronics Parts
Module 3 Your First MIDI Controller
Unit 1 Module 3 Downloads
Unit 2 A Basic, But Functional Midi Controller
Unit 3 Programming Your First MIDI Controller
Module 4 A MIDI Controller With Knobs & Faders
Unit 1 Module 4 Downloads
Unit 2 Adding Knobs and Faders
Unit 3 Programming Knobs and Faders
Module 5 Velocity Sensitive Drum Pad
Unit 1 Module 5 Downloads
Unit 2 Adding Pressure Sensitivity Drums
Unit 3 Programming Piezos With The MLPiezo Library
Module 6 Unlimited Inputs / Outputs!
Unit 1 Module 6 Downloads
Unit 2 What Are Shift Registers Anyway?
Unit 3 Using Shift Registers For MIDI
Unit 4 Arduino Programming with a Shift Register
Unit 5 How to REALLY Have Unlimitted Inputs
Unit 6 Programming w/ Multiple Shift Registers
Module 7 Using An LCD Display
Unit 1 Module 7 Downloads
Unit 2 An Intro to LCDs
Unit 3 A Midi Controller w/ an LCD Display
Unit 4 Programming LCD Displays
Module 8 Using HIDUINO for MIDI over USB
Unit 1 Module 8 Downloads
Unit 2 A Midi Controller With One Wire
Unit 3 Uploading To HIDUINO
Module 9 MIDI Input
Unit 1 Module 9 Downloads
Unit 2 Getting MIDI Input To Our Arduino
Unit 3 Programming our Arduino for MIDI Input
Module 10 Using Pitch Bend In Your Builds
Unit 1 Module 10 Downloads
Unit 2 Controlling Pitch- Bend With Arduino
Unit 3 Programming your MIDI “Pitch-Bender”
Module 11 Combining What We've Learned: Building An EPIC MIDI Controller
Unit 1 Module 11 Downloads
Unit 2 The MIDI Controller We’ll Be Making
Unit 3 Tips For Designing MIDI Controllers
Unit 4 The 4 Arcade Buttons
Unit 5 Controlling 4 Knobs and a Fader
Unit 6 The LCD Display and Octave-Switching Buttons
Unit 7 An Introduction to Soldering and Perfboards
Unit 8 Soldering The Buttons
Unit 9 Soldering The LCD
Unit 10 Assembling What We Have
Unit 11 Building The Enclosure
Module 12 Discussion
Unit 1 Discussion Thread


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