DIY MIDI Controller Course – Home

Module 1 A Brief Intro To Arduino  
Unit 1 Why Arduino?
Unit 2 Setting Up The Arduino With Your Computer
Unit 3 How Arduino Programming Works
Module 2 Where To Buy Parts  
Unit 1 The Parts Needed In This Course
Unit 2 Finding The Cheapest Electronics Parts
Module 3 Your First MIDI Controller  
Unit 1 Module 3 Downloads
Unit 2 A Basic, But Functional Midi Controller
Unit 3 Programming Your First MIDI Controller
Module 4 A MIDI Controller With Knobs & Faders  
Unit 1 Module 4 Downloads
Unit 2 Adding Knobs and Faders
Unit 3 Programming Knobs and Faders
Module 5 Velocity Sensitive Drum Pad  
Unit 1 Module 5 Downloads
Unit 2 Adding Pressure Sensitivity Drums
Unit 3 Programming Piezos With The MLPiezo Library
Module 6 Unlimited Inputs / Outputs!  
Unit 1 Module 6 Downloads
Unit 2 What Are Shift Registers Anyway?
Unit 3 Using Shift Registers For MIDI
Unit 4 Arduino Programming with a Shift Register
Unit 5 How to REALLY Have Unlimitted Inputs
Unit 6 Programming w/ Multiple Shift Registers
Module 7 Using An LCD Display  
Unit 1 Module 7 Downloads
Unit 2 An Intro to LCDs
Unit 3 A Midi Controller w/ an LCD Display
Unit 4 Programming LCD Displays
Module 8 Using HIDUINO for MIDI over USB  
Unit 1 Module 8 Downloads
Unit 2 A Midi Controller With One Wire
Unit 3 Uploading To HIDUINO
Module 9 MIDI Input  
Unit 1 Module 9 Downloads
Unit 2 Getting MIDI Input To Our Arduino
Unit 3 Programming our Arduino for MIDI Input
Module 10 Using Pitch Bend In Your Builds  
Unit 1 Module 10 Downloads
Unit 2 Controlling Pitch- Bend With Arduino
Unit 3 Programming your MIDI “Pitch-Bender”
Module 11 Combining What We've Learned: Building An EPIC MIDI Controller  
Unit 1 Module 11 Downloads
Unit 2 The MIDI Controller We’ll Be Making
Unit 3 Tips For Designing MIDI Controllers
Unit 4 The 4 Arcade Buttons
Unit 5 Controlling 4 Knobs and a Fader
Unit 6 The LCD Display and Octave-Switching Buttons
Unit 7 An Introduction to Soldering and Perfboards
Unit 8 Soldering The Buttons
Unit 9 Soldering The LCD
Unit 10 Assembling What We Have
Unit 11 Building The Enclosure
Module 12 Discussion  
Unit 1 Discussion Thread